Restauration and modernisation of historical vehicles

Owing to its unique concentration of know-hows and expertises, ACC is a unique specialist of historical and vintage rail vehicle restauration and modernisation

The Orient-Express regulary cals at Clermont-Ferrand

It is said that every year, 30 marriage proposals are formulated aboard the Orient Express. No one knows how many turn into a marriage but ACC strives hard at keeping the story alive since 1988 !
In 2016, all 16 cars of the Venise Simplon Orient Express (Belmond) company visited ACC in Clermont Ferrand for a check-up. And every year some cars are given deeper attention, whether restauration or confort improvements.
The Orient Express Company, a subsidiary of SNCF, has also handed over 7 cars to ACC recently. And has plans to further increase its fleet.



Rebirth of the Orient Express

The Operations Director of French Rail SNCF visits Clermont Ferrand and discuss the restauration of a 1947 unique Orient Express car. “Few original documents and drawings remain available but we find here at ACC a real experience of Orient express cars and the expertise we need starting with body work and boilermaking” . Poor condition of the car is a concern but he knows what it takes to get it back on rail with all the shine which makes its magics: thousands hours of dedicated work in well over ten different specialist areas


Report : ACC team at work in Clermont Ferrand, restauring Orient Express cars. With cabinet makers and marquetery crafstman explaining their artwork