Refurbishment of rail vehicles

Mainline, Regional, Suburban, RER-S-Bahn, Metros, LRVs, Trams ...

Refurbishment of rail vehicles requires a concentration of experience and an array of expertises which ACC has built and developed over its long history and record of projects. By calling on ACC, you will benefit and ensure your refurbishment is precisely that you wish; in terms of contents, quality, delivery and cost.

Such approach is built upon an active and open cooperation where, everyone in his role, contributes to the optimum solution. As, unlike for new rolling stock, every vehicle is somewhat different, requires a tailored set of actions to be released as expected. It means, as a customer, a permanent access to ACC workshop and a transparent view of the work performed; yet                                                         with commitments regarding costs, timely performance and delivery and quality

Your vehicles can reach us by rail – using our active dedicated rail spur – or by road – with various dedicated trailers capable to carry over 30 m long consists ; for standard and specific gauges.

Our expertise is also at your disposal to appraise beforehand, « minimum » work which needs be done. And provide you with more simple « maintenance and repair » activities.