Renovation of components and sub systems

Renovation of components and sub systems

Structure, Mechanics, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Electrics ans Electronic
Bogies, Doors, Compressors, Air Conditionning …

Trust ACC for caring about your components and sub-systems

Leveraging on  technical experience acquired at renovating vehicles, ACC has, for a long time, set up a dedicated process and organisation to takie care of your rail components and sub-systems. With tailored logistics and rigourous testing tools, it ensures respect of cycle times and total quality for an immediate re-use on your vehicles.


More about sub-sytems maintenance and renovation

  Bogies for heavy rail, Metros , LRVs and Trams
  Air conditioniing ...

More about components

  Pneumatic brake components (distributors, cylinders, slack adjusters, electovalves...)
  Hydraulic components (Calipers, Hydraulic power units..)
  Electric motors



Brake valves overhaul

  We are currently manufacturing for Eurotunnel the brake valves overhaul which fit their equipment


Motors overhaul

Traction motors (MP59 et MP73) and compressor motors overhaul for RATP, Transpole and Tisseo.

Brake cylinders and adjusters overhaul

We are manufacturing for Eurotunnel and RATP the brake cylinders and adjusters overhaul.


Electrovalves overhaul

We are currently performing overhauls of electrovalves for Eurotunnel and for Tisseo.

Compressors overhaul

We manufacture the piston and spiral motocompressors overhaul for Transpole and Tisseo.

We have manufactured for RATP the motocompressors units overhaul.




Maintenance of sub-units


Trucks - Doors - Compressors - Air conditioning ...

SNCF : We are currently manufacturing for SNCF the overhaul of Y32 trucks installed on the CORAIL passenger cars.


RATP : MP89 trucks and their constituent parts

Overhaul of the MP59 carrying and motorred trucks, integrating the traction motor renovation for RATP.