Measurement Software

AMS2000 Measurement software

The main functionalities offered by AMS2000 are :

  • Run on PC with Windows NT4 SP6, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
  • Material and software dissociation between acquisition and operation task executed by separate programs located on the same computer or distinct computers connected by ethernet TCP/IP network (customer server technology).
  • Thorough automation of the measurements thanks to the concept of script which the user can create, modify and backup in a completely autonomous way (picture).
  • Exploitation dof all the possibilities integrated by their measuring instruments manufacturers when a driver is available. This provides a great flexibility of these instruments and possible adaptation to each context of use.
  • Connection between measurment PC and instruments by IEEE488, RS232C or Ethernet TCP/IP connections.
  • Storage of configuration and measurements parameters to a local or network relational data base. The engine of data base can be on of the standards of the market to the choice of the customer, only if it provides an ODBC interface.
  • Results storage in binary files referred by the data base, but also containing all information on the measurement context and configuration for further exploitation in an autonomous way.
  • Total traceability of the measurements essential for meeting the quality assurance requirements.
  • Real time graphic display of the measurements during the acquisition.
  • 2D lay outs, cartesian or ploar representation, linear or logarithmic scale curve, zoom in or out.
  • 3D lay outs with the projection of iso levels curves on a plan.
  • Exportation of measures towards TD200, excel or ASCII text files.