Radar pedestals

R / 220-series radar pedestal


  • AC servo-motors
  • Automatic clutch **
  • Static brake in event of power failure **
  • Rotating axis lock **
  • Crank manual control with integrated securities for the operator **
  • Mechanical function redundancy and angular coding to make the rotor available in breakdown mode and optimization of MTTR**
    • Revolution-timer and positioning angular initialization owing to reference or true north
    • Integration of rotary joints or slip rings **
    • Possible intervention while operating to change faulty components**
    • Tightness within NBC environment NBC (Nuclear, Biologic, Chemical)**
    • Design of the product to meet the environment requirements of radio-electric and electromagnetic fields (EMC/EMP)**
    • Centralized lubrification
    • Possible choice of components to have scheduled reliability optimizing the MTBF
    • Range of products under surface treatment which guarantees excellent corrosion resistance

* For installations within environment conditions where are specified :

  • Temperature, rain, ice, snow, wind, sand
  • Marine environment, tropical areas or great cold country
  • Vibrations and shocks

** According to Pedestal type, standard or optional technical solutions are available

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