Standard radome and antenna measurement positioners PA/PR

Standard radome and antenna measurement positioners PA/PR

Radome and antenna measurement positioner range is especially designed to carry out all types of antenna and radome measurements. Three positioner ranges are available according to the antenna and radome diameters and loads. The measurement positioners are composed of two positioners connected by mechanical structure.

The radome positioner is located in the lower part of the structure with its 2 axes, roll over azimuth. The antenna positioner is situated in the upper part with its 3 axes, roll over azimuth over elevation. (Figure 1). The positioners are also equipped with horizontal displacement offset axes used to adjust both the converging azimuth axes, the radome and the antenna. These axes can be manual or motorized according to option.

The antenna positioner is in the radome roll but completely independent. Indeed during the radome rotation, the antenna positioner remains fixed, only the axes are coaxial.

All the motorized axes are driven by servo-amplifiers either independently or simultaneously, whereas the azimuth axes of the two positioners by master-slave servo-control.




As an option, an elevation axis can be implemented to allow the displacement of the radome.

Characteristics of radome and antenna measurements PR/PA

The following data are part of radome and antenna measurement positioner characteristics.


radome tableau caracteristiques

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